MIG, TIG, & Resistance Welding

The Metalworking Group has over 60 highly-skilled certified welding technicians on staff. These experienced craftspeople are devoted to ensuring that the component parts of our customers are manufactured to the highest possible standards of quality.

Whether your project requires MIG or TIG welding, or the resistance welding of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, The Metalworking Group is capable of accommodating even your most challenging production welding requirements.

Welding Infrastructure


We have six robotic welding cells at our disposal, which enable us to manufacture products for our customers at a high volume. Additionally, with welding turntables that are up to 72 inches in diameter, we are able to load, unload and remove spatter as our robotic systems continue to weld. We also use pedestal cranes with lifting capacities of up to 1000 pounds and overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds. Our crane systems allow us to handle larger parts safely and effectively.

At The Metalworking Group, we combine a team of dedicated welding professionals with state-of-the-art equipment. The result? Superior throughput and outstanding quality in the parts that we produce, and savings for our customers due to the fact that they are not paying for non-value-added material handling and part fit-up time.

Partial list of welding certifications:


AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.3, AWS D1.6, AWS D9.1, AWS D17.1, AWS B2.1, AWS D14.3

production welding by metalwoking group

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