Cutting-Edge Precision CNC Machining

The Metalworking Group offers its customers a full range of CNC machining services. Our 4-axis vertical CNC machining centers eliminate the need to reposition parts during the machining cycle, and machine options such as through-spindle coolant allow for increased speeds and feeds.

In addition, our CNC turning centers with bar-changing and bar-feeding capabilities enable operators to run multiple machines simultaneously. Our Swiss turning centers also greatly enhance our production capabilities. These machines feature sub-spindles and “live tooling,” which eliminate a step in the production process, making time-consuming secondary operations unnecessary.

The Metalworking Group invests in these cutting-edge technologies in order to facilitate high-volume production at minimal cycle times. This not only reduces our costs, but also keeps non-value-added processes to a minimum, resulting in our ability to offer high-quality products to our customers at lower prices.



Between CNC Machining companies, one way we differentiate ourselves is by handling most material types, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, mild steel and plastics. We’re the go to for Precision CNC Machining.

We also specialize in the machining of castings and extrusions, and custom metal fabrication.

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