Global Manufacturing Solutions


Since 2006, Metalworking Group, Inc has worked with our partners in Asia and India to provide high quality, economic solutions to our customer base.   These partnerships have also given MWG access to new capabilities and services that help us get closer to our goal of being your “One Stop Shop”.  Our Engineering Team and Quality Team work closely with our partners to develop manufacturing plans and quality plans to achieve outstanding results.   As your Project Manager we take care of most of the traditional challenges with Global Sourcing allowing you to focus on your core competency.   Our intention is to offer economic, high quality solutions that maximize inventory turns and cash flow for our customers.


Our partnerships are long-standing relationships with visits to many of the partners at least two times per year.  These visits allow us to work on Supplier Development and discover new capabilities.

Current Services Provided:


  • Multilevel Mechanical Assemblies
  • Sheet Metal and Stamped Components
  • Fabricated Weldments
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Plastic/Rubber Molding
  • Various types of Castings


Please contact us with any projects we might be able to assist with!

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