The Metalworking Group offers a wide range of metal fabrication, production welding and manufacturing services, and we also provide an extensive array of services aimed at assisting our customers with their inventory management and control needs.

Among a variety of approaches and techniques, we use the kanban system, customized parts kits and specially-tailored inventory stocking programs to help our customers improve their inventory turns, optimize warehouse space and reduce finished goods inventory.

We at The Metalworking Group will design and construct returnable material handling carts for your fabricated components and parts kits. This results in the streamlining of the production process, as your products can be rolled off the truck and delivered directly to a dedicated production line for final assembly.

Our robust scheduling system gives us great flexibility, allowing us to fully accommodate the desires of our customers with regard to ordering and releasing products. We also use real-time bar code labor entry to accurately track customer orders and expedite requests.

The Metalworking Group prides itself in cultivating long-lasting customer relationships and providing world-class customer service.

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