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The Metalworking Group just made an additional investment in robotic welding.  We added a robotic weld cell produced by Motoman in Dayton, Ohio.  The new robotic welding cell will be installed in our Fairfield facility during the month of July. This cell is equipped with a robotic arm capable of reaching over 10 feet in a production setting.  This allows MWG to produce large fabrications in the most productive and efficient manner possible.  The cell is also equipped with dual tailstock positioners in order to handle and rotate large fabrications.  This allows welding access to 360 degrees of position.  The power supply is manufactured by Miller and is set up for high production MIG welding.

 MWG currently has an additional 5 robotic welders and this new capability furthers our automation in production welding.  We are consistently investing in our metal fabrication facilities and we also look forward to the installation of our new Finn Power Shear Genius in the month of July.  The Motoman Robot and the Finn Power equipment will allow The Metalworking Group to continue to expand in the sheet metal fabrication and production welding market.

MWG is excited to add this capability, but it is worth noting that all the modern equipment in the world will not be efficient unless the engineers and operators are trained professionals.  We have that at MWG.  Our consistent commitment to our customers is demonstrated on a daily basis.  If you have needs for sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, powder coating or just about any type of production project, including assembly, take a look at the capabilities of The Metalworking Group.  We are an ISO certified manufacturer located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Below is a schematic diagram of our new robotic welding cell:

robotic welding cell diagram

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