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The Metalworking Group: About Us

From the moment of its inception, The Metalworking Group has only continued to increase the size and scope of its enterprise, and its offerings. Deeply rooted in a rich tradition of custom metal fabrication, laser cutting, sheet metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication, and machined parts production for OEMs in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, we have evolved into a firm that not only offers an extensive range of manufacturing capabilities, but also flexible, attentive and dedicated project management and engineering support services.

Beginning with our acquisition of Techni-Fab Metal Products in 1982, The Metalworking Group has made a number of other key acquisitions throughout the years, which have strengthened us significantly and have greatly contributed to our growth. In addition, our ongoing efforts to bring skillful, knowledgeable, high-quality professionals on board-from engineers to certified welding experts to CNC machining specialists-have produced a staff that is second to none in the industry.

The Metalworking Group is a financially healthy, increasingly profitable company. We are determined to keep our customers satisfied and our employees inspired, and we are committed to continued growth and ever-expanding innovation.

Our Locations

The Metalworking Group*

9070 Pippin Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251
Toll Free: 513-521-4114
Local Phone: (513) 521-4119
Local Fax: (513) 521-2816

The Metalworking Group (North)*

4452 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH 45014
Phone: (513) 829-0857

* The Metalworking Group is the trade name of Metalworking Group Holdings, Inc.


Techni-Fab Metal Products - 1982

Manufacturer of sheet metal components, weldments, UL listed electrical enclosures and other fabrications.

Murrer Tool and Die - 1983

Manufacturer of stamping dies, fixtures, and CNC machined parts.

Opitz Metal Products - 1986

(Stamping assets only) Manufacturer of production stampings.

American Metal Finishings - 1989

Custom metal polishing, finishing and buffing.

Aerospace Precision Metalworking - 1990

Manufacturer of CNC machined and stamped parts for aerospace.

Auto Sun Products, Inc. - 1991

Manufacturer of metal stampings.

Parker Metal Stampings - 1994

Manufacturer of metal stampings.

Precision Profile - 2002

Laser Cutting/Sheet Metal Fabricating

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Global Manufacturing Company
Laser Cutting Cincinnati